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Organisations, networks and interest groups directly or indirectly involved in the protection of World Heritage or the rights and wellbeing of associated communities are many and diverse. When development in and around World Heritage is concerned, there are many stakeholders to be consulted, rights and interests to be considered, priorities and decisions to be made. When strategic decisions are to be made, it is not always possible to ensure representative participation or secure a seat around the table. Furthermore, where different interests are involved, collective action dilemmas may occur. 

World Heritage Catalysis facilitates an inclusive platform where the diversity of stakeholders, including organisations and networks, can connect and co-create a better tomorrow. By this we hope to bring diversity into shared purpose. In addition to the community platform engaged around practices supporting transformative tourism and visitor management, the World Heritage Exchange Trading System (WHETS) offer a mechanism to mobilise and reward volunteering, transversal collaboration and community support.

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For organisations that wants to have a presence in the community.

For individuals, click here to join as a heritage professional or practitioner.


The Club - community

Access to:

  • Community platform connecting members across different topics and conversations
  • Newsletter based on community activity
  • Catalysts - direct booking to relevant expertise
  • Partner offers specifically negotiated to support members 


The Hub - resources

Access to:

  • Knowledge commons co-created by the community
  • Resources and collaboration opportunities in Hub Store
  • Open Space allowing community members to network and/or organise meetings 24/7
  • Events & thematic discussions 
  • Crowdsourcing of resources (coming)



Future features:

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+ $330 set-up fee

For networks & organisations that wants to host a separate (open or closed space) in the community.

To ensure the relevance to cause and community, this plan is only granted upon a peer reviewed application. 


The Club - community

Same as Community plan:

  • Dedicated space to host/invite participants from the broader community. Spaces can be hidden/private/open.

A dedicated space comes with moderator rights and obligations.


The Hub - resources

Same as Community plan:



Same as Community plan:

  • Obligation to be signed up with WHETS 
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Partnerships are negotiated upon identified opportunities for collaboration.

Current partners



The potential of applying WHETS to support collaborative exchanges in the network/organisation, and contribute towards the protection of World Heritage. 

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> WHETS Network directory


* The World Heritage Exchange Trading System (WHETS) is in an early stage of development and currently applied as a voucher system. 

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