WORK IN PROGRESS! Welcome to an emerging community of practice.

About the Hub

The Hub is where you can find, offer and/or co-create resources supporting individual efforts as well as the emerging community of practice.


Accessible to all:

  • Gateway - easy access to concepts, theories, initiatives, thought leaders and practitioners of relevance to the mission set out through WHCatalysis
  • Store - resources produced and availed through WHCatalysis
  • Blog

Accessible to community members*:

  • Wiki - co-created by community members elaborating the emerging commons-oriented practice (coming).
  • Monthly poll - results from the monthly community survey (updated for every new submission)
  • Open Space - a virtual meeting space open 24/7 where you can meet other community members, set up meetings or attend webinars.
  • Workshops - access to collaborative spaces dedicated special topics and working groups.
  • Personal library - resources accessed or purchased from Hub Store.

*Access according to membership plans. To learn more go to the home page and select your stakeholder affiliation. 

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