Welcome to an emerging community of practice & work in progress.


World Heritage Catalysis


- takes a commons approach to World Heritage.

That means considering natural and cultural heritage of 'Outstanding Universal Value' as non-exclusive and a human right. It explores its relevance beyond property values and contribution to economic development through stewardship of shared resources.

World Heritage

Natural and cultural heritage of 'Outstanding Universal Value' 

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- facilitates an emerging community of practice.

Upon the consideration of World Heritage as commons, we seek to apply systems thinking, a deep adaptation approach, and futures literacy to co-create and improve practice.

Community of practice

a group of people who "share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly" (Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger 1991)

Complexity & systems thinking

the art and science of making reliable inferences about behavior by developing an increasingly deep understanding of underlying structure (Barry Richmond 1987)

Deep adaptation

"It is time we consider the implications of it being to late to avert the implications of a global environmental catastrophe in the lifetimes of people alive today" (Prof. Jem Bendell 2018)

Futures literacy

"the ability to anticipate and create invisible stuff" (Riel Miller 2018)

- applies innovative technologies in the stewardship of World Heritage.

Besides making use of software technologies and online tools, we explore organizational innovation, collaborative technology and legal theory for addressing societal needs.



Complementary currencies

A medium of exchange supplementing or complementing national currencies



Cooperatives & DAOs

Cooperatively owned, democratically governed resources, organisations and/or business

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations



Rights of nature law

Legal structures recognising rights associated with ecosystems & species