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World Heritage Catalysis

Climate Action Plan


Oslo, Norway 02. November 2021

World Heritage Catalysis is an emerging commons oriented community of practice applying innovative tools and technologies in transformative visitor management. The goal is to enhance resilience and adaptive capacity across communities and stakeholders living in and around UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Recognising the vulnerability of many tourism dependent communities, the unsustainability of a perpetual growth approach and the need to decouple tourism driven development and greenhouse gas emissions, it seeks to contribute towards a new transformative paradigm where natural and cultural heritage commons are protected from exploitation and negative externalities including carbon emissions.

By facilitating an inclusive infrastructure for online collaboration, promoting climate friendly practices through implementation of VMAST - the UNESCO World Heritage Visitor Management Assessment & Strategy Tool, and elaborating WHETS - the World Heritage Exchange Trading System as a carbon neutral means of exchange, World Heritage Catalysis aims to help all involved stakeholders reduce individual carbon emissions and collaboratively contribute towards a regenerative development paradigm.

Pledges & commitments

World Heritage Catalysis is a member of the Climate Heritage Network and signatory of the manifesto Accelerating Climate Action Through the Power of Arts, Culture & Heritage and Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency

Partner with World Heritage Catalysis to promote climate friendly solutions

 As signatory and launch partner on the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism World Heritage Catalysis is committed to the shared goal of cutting tourism emissions in half over the next decade and reach Net Zero emissions as soon as possible by 2050.


World Heritage Catalysis Climate Action Plan:


Interim targets (within the next 12 months)

Long term goals and targets: 

  • World Heritage sites and destinations supported through World Heritage Catalysis has a net-zero aim and decarbonisation strategy with clearly identified actions integrated into their tourism and/or visitor management strategy;
  • An elaborated and empirically supported theory of change including climate actions and regenerative practices;
  • WHETS (the World Heritage Exchange Trading System) is utilised as a climate friendly means of exchange. The elaboration of WHETS - the World Heritage Exchange Trading System is a contribution to climate friendly monetary innovation for the protection of natural and cultural heritage, regenerative exchanges and community resilience.

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Carbon calculator

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