WORK IN PROGRESS! Welcome to an emerging community of practice.


- applied through World Heritage Catalysis

In the effort to facilitate a commons oriented community of practice, technology matters. World Heritage Catalysis applies a variety of technologies - some proprietary, other open source. While we aspire use of open source, cooperatively owned and governed technologies, we take a pragmatic approach (#technology4good)

Being transparent in use of technology we want to explain why we have chosen this specific technology and allow members to make a deliberate decision on the use of the various services. Use of technology may  be subject to change. Some of the below the below services are already integrated, others are under consideration.

Applied in vitsitor management

The Visitor Management Assessment & Strategy Tool (VMAST) is the central tool applied and supported by World Heritage Catalysis. VMAST was developed through UNESCO and is an open educational resource hosted and supported by Zegeba in collaboration with World Heritage Catalysis.

The World Heritage Exchange Trading System (WHETS) is incubated through World Heritage Catalysis and is currently in a concept development stage. WHETS intends to supplement VMAST with a collaborative infrastructure. It is not yet determined what technology WHETS will apply. 

Facilitating community & supporting collaboration

World Heritage Catalysis website is built using Kajabi. Kajabi is a cloud based content production and marketing platform. It also a platform for hosting membership sites.

Circle is applied for hosting the community.

Circle community

Notion is applied for community collaboration, workshop groups and knowledge creation.

Notion community

Currently supporting open space  

Open space

Zoom is applied as the main meeting technology. 


Calendly for appointments

Project management 

Miro is used for the VMAST Canvas and for hosting online training workshops. 

VMAST Canvas

Typeform for monthly surveys


Under consideration

Social media

World Heritage Catalysis presence 





WHETS presence but no activity

World Heritage Catalysis is not yet present at Facebook but will set up an account primarily used for announcements. 

We will not make use of Facebook as a primary technology to build community.


FB group
Tech partners

VMAST is applying Zegeba Forms and hosted by Zegeba. 


Ava Security's solutions are matched against VMAST.