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World Heritage are natural and cultural wonders recognised for their 'Outstanding Universal Value' to humanity. This means that wether you reside in a community hosting World Heritage or travel to visit a World Heritage site, you are considered a 'World Heritage stakeholder'. 

But what does it mean to be a 'World Heritage stakeholder'? Is it a right or responsibility? In fact - it is both. It is a shared responsibility to protect the heritage as well as an open invitation to be part of decision making processes that directly or indirectly will affect you and your community. But in reality, there are few opportunities for individual, civil society stakeholders to be heard, even less to take part in strategy development and decision making processes. 

World Heritage Catalysis invites you to join other stakeholders gathering around World Heritage to co-create a better tomorrow and a culture of stewardship. Through World Heritage Catalysis you have a seat at the table, with access to tools allowing you to become a catalyst for positive change in your community. Find out if "your" site has a dedicated space in the community platform and join or ask for the permission to join. 

Through development of the World Heritage Exchange Trading System (WHETS) the aspiration is to empower residents, travellers and visitors alike. Designed upon the recognition that everyone has something to offer and share, WHETS will a.o. provide a market place, means of exchange and voting mechanism for personal empowerment while directly or indirectly contributing to the protection of World Heritage.

Catayst sites & collaboratories


Catalyst sites and collaboratories invites a broader stakeholder involvement in the stewardship of World Heritage. 


Catalyst sites & collaboratories






The Club - community 

  • Be able to accept invitations to join local collaboratories


The Hub - resources

  • Newsletter with highlights from the community
  • Resources available in community and Hub Store


  •  Invitation to join WHAO - a distributed autonomous organisation (DAO) for World Heritage rights- and stakeholders



  • Earn ₩ supporting WHCatalysis
  • Spend ₩ in Hub Store
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The Club - community 


The Hub - resources

  • Resources available in community and Hub Store
  • Open Space 24/7
  • Events & thematic discussions 
  • Crowdsourcing of resources (coming) 


  • The possibility to submit and vote for proposals.


Same as the community plan

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Get in contact if you have an idea for how you want to be a change agent supporting World Heritage and associated communities. 

Suggested alternatives:

  • Donations supporting projects proposed through the WHAO. Funds can be earmarked or distributed according to member priorities. 
  • Partnerships contributing synergies 

Please get in contact to We would be delighted if we could support you in any way. 


*By signing up for any of the membership plans it is understood that the tools, technologies, resources and frameworks proposed and applied through World Heritage Catalysis are emerging and evolving through the collaborative community of practice. Until the WHAO is activated, WHETS are issued as redeemable vouchers. Content and fees for the paid plans may change without prior notice, but never negatively affect current memberships.