WORK IN PROGRESS! Welcome to an emerging community of practice.

About the Club

The World Heritage Catalysis "club" is as an inclusive community open to anyone with an interest in World Heritage.

To join the community ("the Club") you first need to identify which stakeholder group you associate with and sign up with the plan most appropriate to you. When signing up you will be invited to set up a profile in the community platform. Once signed up you will be able to find and directly connect with other members. You will also be able to make direct bookings with experts and content providers referred to as 'Catalysts'. Depending on your stakeholder association and membership plan you will also have access to dedicated collaboration spaces.


Community plattform

All members have access to the community platform with access to collaborative spaces and events. On a Club and Catalyst membership plan you also have access to all spaces supporting transformative tourism and application of VMAST.

Membership plans

This is an overview of the different membership plans with access to community and resources.